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Ginger is a traditional vegetable. In Tamil language, we call it as "Inji". Ginger has many health benefits. Particularly it is said to help in digestion.

In the country side, you can get a candy made out of Ginger. This is particularly sold in Bus stops and Railway stations. This candy helps control the stomach problems and nausea during travel.

There are some dish where we use Ginger as main ingredient for example: Ginger Kuzhambu. Ginger Kuzhambu is great as a side dish for Idly. Not common these days. Again this is one of the country side traditional dishes.


Image of Peeled Ginger:
Ginger peeled


Ginger chopped and crushed:
Usually Ginger is peeled, chopped and crushed for cooking. They are main ingredient to make Ginger Kuzhambu.
In our Non-veg dishes, Ginger plays a most important part. Usually Ginger is mixed with Garlic and made a paste called Ginger-Garlic Paste, which is used to make non-veg meat dishes.

Popular dish where Ginger is used:
All non-veg- meat dishes.

Spelling variations in Tamil name for Ginger:
Inji, Enji, Ingee

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