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In this web site, you can note recipes use several ingredients. In this page, we have organized all the ingredients for easy reference. You can check out the links of the ingredients to learn more about them and links to recipes that are available in this site which uses these ingredients.

Check out Ingredients dictionary here to get the meaning of the ingredients in English and Tamil language (Dictionary for additional language like French and Japanese are in progress).

We have organized the Ingredients into the following categories:
Native vegetables
(that are grown and used in Tamil Nadu for centuries),
Imported Vegetables (during British era and other times)
Native leaves (that are grown and used in Tamil Nadu for centuries),
Oils, Nuts and Dryfruits

We have prepared a dedicated page for Spices.

As you can note, the native vegetables names shown below end with "kai" or "gai". In Tamil language, "Kai" or "Gai" here means Vegetable. "Kai" also means something green and not have become fruit. For example, Vazhaik"kai" is Green Plantain and Vazhai"pazham" is Banana. "Pazham" means fruit.

The below table is sorted in alphabetical order.

Similar to "Kai" in the above list, "Kizhangu" means root vegetables, for example Potato.
"Keerai" in the below list means Leaves, for example Spinach.

Traditionally, we do not eat Pork or Beef.

Traditionally, we do not eat Octopus or Squid and other seafood.

Please also check out list of Spices used in this recipe site.

And check out Tamil to English dictionary for all the native words used in this website.

Note: We will be adding more entries as and when we add new recipe/pages. Come back again to see the updated Ingredients list.

Glosarry used in Ingredients section of the recipe:
tbsp - Table Spoon
tsp - Tea Spoon

We are passionate about food. In this website we will talk about South Indian food, particularly Tamil food. We have organized the recipes based on veg and non-veg category or You can browse the photos to check out a recipe. Since we are global Indians, we are including few fusion recipes, experimenting different style of food. On each recipe page, you can click on ingredients/spices to learn more about them.

All the pages in this website are indexed here.

The theme for our website title is based on Moringa oleifera, the Miracle tree that can be found in almost all home in the country side of Tamil Nadu.

We are currently making changes to our site. If you are not getting what you are looking for, please mail us with your request or feedback. Thank you.

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