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The Tamil name for Jackfruit is "Palaapazham".
The fruit form is called "Palaapazham". Pazham means Fruit.

In Tami language, just "Palaa" alone will denote "Jackfruit".
"Palaa" + combination of words will make Jackfruit, Jackfruit tree and Jackfruit seed etc....

"Palaa" + "Maram" = PalaaMaram meaning Jackfruit tree. "Maram" means tree"
"Palaa" + "Kottai" = PalaaKottai meaning "Seed" that is inside Jackfruit
"Palaa" + "Pazham" = PalaaPazham meaning Jackfruit.

In classic Tamil literature it is said (and hence traditionally we say), the following 3 fruits (KANI) are supreme, incomparable fruits as they are rich in nutrients and taste.
They are:
1. Maa
2. Palaa
3. Vaazhai
These are the 3 VIP fruits.

They are called Mukkanigal in Tamil language.
"Mu" means 3.
"Kani" means "Fruit" and
"gal" is suffix for plural form.

This is one of the traditional fruit of Tamils.
Jackfruit is eaten for its fruit as well as the seed inside the fruit is used as vegetable.

It is a summer fruit.


Jackfruit in fruit form: It is very difficult to open the Jackfruit and get the individual fruit pods. You will have to remove the seed and eat the fruit pods flesh.


Jackfruit seed:
We eat the seed from Jackfruit as a vegetable. It is called "Palaa kottai" and we use them in Sambar, Kuzhambu or in Varuval. As you know "Palaa" in short is common name for Jackfruit or Jackfruit tree. "Kottai" in Tamil language means "Seed"

Spelling variations in Tamil name for Jackfruit:
Palaa, Palaapazham, Palapazham, Palaa pazham
Some people cannot pronounce the Tamil letter "Zha" and hence some people will pronounce Pazham as Palam.
So the variations of name will include Palaapalam, Palapalam, Palaa palam

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