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Black gram

The Tamil name for Black gram is "Ulundhu".
black gram ulundhu

In present day, Tamil cuisine and in general Indian cuisine, Black gram plays a major role. In Tamil cusine, there are various ways of using "Ulunthu":


De husked Black gram grinded:
Soak de husked Black gram in water for a few hours. Grind them to make Medhu Vadai. Grind them and Mix them with rice to make Idly Dosai batter.


Few de husked split Black grams for tempering:
Few de husked split Black grams are used to add taste and experience texture while eating several dishes. This is done during the tempering process. This is a must have item in the anjarai petti.

Popular dish where Black gram is used:
Medhu Vadai, Idly, Dosai
Part of Tempering process for many side dishes like Varuval, Poriyal.

Spelling variations in Tamil name for Black gram:
Ulundhu, Ulunthu

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