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Dosai (Dosa)

Next to Idly (Idli), it is Dosai (Dosa), most Tamils and South Indians eat for breakfast.

Dosai is the correct pronounciation as per Tamil language.

When the Idli batter gets more fermented then we make Dosai out of it. Some people prefer Dosa compared to Idly because its crispy as we we add oil and heat it in a pan. Typically Tamil people will have Idly or Dosai for breakfast for several days a week. Sometimes it is served for dinner also. In some South Indian restaurants, Dosai is available throughout the day. That too multiple varieties of dosa is available these days.

The batter for Dosai is same as that of Idly. Making the batter is a process that needs one full day - the process includes soaking the rice and de husked Black lentils (Ulundhu) (Vigna Mungo), grinding them and leaving the batter for fermentation.

Nowadays Idli-Dosai batter is readily available in super markets throughout Tamil Nadu and South India. It is readily available In America and other Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia too.

Let us see how a typical Dosa (Dosai) is made.

Things needed

Put the dosai plate/pan/tawa in the stove and heat it.


As we mentiond in the batter page, we can make Dosa after 2nd day of fermentation. Instead of using batter straight from the fridge, keep it in room temparature for about 20 min. The batter should not be thick, so dilute them if required with little water.

To make a dosa, we need about 1.5 portion of the laddle.


In the heated pan, spread few drops of oil so that the pan is not dry. Use a cloth to spread it across and we do not want oil drops here and there as it will obstruct spreading the Dosa.

Take the batter about 1.5 portion of the laddle and pour it on the tawa / pan and make a round shape. Laddle made for Dosai is an excellent choice. If not available any laddle should do the job.


Pour required amount of oil (typically one spoon - more or less depending on the taste and crispiness required) in such a way that it covers all parts of the Dosai on the pan.


Let it cook for about one to two min until the bottom part gets golden brown (You can see the color changing through the small holes in the Dosa). You can also check if the bottom side is cooked or not. When the color has changed, flip the dosa top over bottom.


After a min or so, check if the bottom part of the dosa touching the pan is light brown, then take the Dosai from the pan and put it on a plate. Serve with side dish and eat.


Tips: Making Dosai in a caste iron plate is the traditional way of preparing dosai and in that you make the delicious dosai.

In restaurants, they serve Dosai with several side dishes. Typically you will have Idly sambar, Coconut chutney, Mint chutney or Red chutney and occasionally Idli podi.

Take a bite size of Dosai and mix it with one or multiple side dishes and eat.

Idly and Dosai and famous throughout India.
They are available in almost all restaurants that serve breakfast.

Other names/spelling variations of Dosai:
Dosa, Dosai, Kal Dosai, Paper roast, Masala dosai and there are multiple varieties of dosai which you can check out here.

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