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Tamil language name for "Crab" is "Nandu".
Crab is considered to be good for health during cold and particularly running nose. Crab fry and Rasam are the best combo to put us in ease if not cure. One reason is the crab itself and the other is because of the masala made for making crab dishes.

Crab is great with rice. Mostly it is had during lunch or rarely for dinner. The reason is crab is delicate and it must be had fresh as soon as we get back from market place. As you can note from the map of Tamil nadu, one side of Tamil Nadu is surrounded by Sea (Bay of Bengal), people living around the coastal region will directly go to fisherman and buy sea food. You simply cannot compare sea food bought directly from fisherman who had just shored his Catamaran (This English word is borrowed from Tamil word "Kattumaram").

Below is the image of crab bought direcly from fisherman in Chennai ECR (East Coast Road).
crab from local fisherman

Tamil cuisine style Crab is famous not only in India but also in other Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia.

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Spelling variations in Tamil name for Crab:
Nandu, Nandoo

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