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Rasam is combo of meals along with Sambar. Rasam helps in digestion. Whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal, Rasam will always be there in our meals. Typically a Tamil meal or South Indian meal will have Sambar or Kuzhambu then end with Rasam and/or Curd.

Unlike Sambar which can be used as side dish for breakfast, Rasam goes well only with Rice.

Rasam has many health benefits because of its simplicity and the spices used. It can be had along with rice or just as a soup.

Rasam is popular not only in India but also in countries like Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia.

There are plenty of Rasam recipes and it varies depending on the spices, ingredients and the cooking method.

Here we will show case a simple Rasam recipe which any one can quickly master.

for Rasam
for tempering

Soak tamarind in water and extract its juice.
Add salt in it, smash the tomato into it and mix well.
Add crushed garlic and turmeric powder to it.
Powder pepper and cumin seeds in a stone mortar or mixer and add it to the mixture.
This is called Rasam Mixture.


Now let us do the tempering:
Heat oil in a fry pan, add mustard seeds.
When the seeds splatters/burst, split red chili into two half and add to it along with asafoetida powder and curry leaves.

This step is very important. Do not over fry / burn during this process.
Always keep in low flame during this process.


Now add the Rasam Mixture from Step 1 to the pan and cook in medium flame.


When the content starts to boil switch off the flame.

This step is very important, do not over cook the Rasam.


Add coriander leaves and transfer the content to the serving bowl.
Add 1/4 cups of cold water to it.

Photo of Rasam:

Rasam can be had a soup or served with steamed rice.
Pour Rasam over steamed rice, mix and then eat.
Usually we have a side dish to go with Rasam.

Typical Tamil meal or South Indian meal is a minimum 2 course meal with Sambar or Kuzhambu followed rasam.

Lemon Rasam:
In the above recipe, you can replace Tamarind and put lemon juice to make Lemon Rasam.

Popular side dish for Rasam includes:

Vegetarian side dish:
Potato fry, Plantain fry. If no vegetable is available just pickle will be great combo for Rasam. Also appalam or vathal is a good combination.

Another common use of Rasam is soak Medhu Vadai in Rasam to make Rasam Vadai.

Non-Vegetarian side dish:
Chicken fry, Fish fry, Mutton fry.

NOTE: The fry we mention here are not fries that use a lot of oil. It is more like a saute. We use the term "fry" more commonly to denote the tamil word "varuval"

Other names/spelling variations of Rasam:
Chennai Rasam, Madras Rasam, Rasam soup.

Leftover tips:
If Rasam made for lunch is leftover, that can be used as soup for dinner.

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