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Maida is traditionally not famous in Tamil Nadu but these days Maida has become part of our cuisine mainly for a dish called Parotta - which is derived from North Indian version Paratha.

Maida is a wheat flour and this term is a South Indian term whose equivalent in North India is "Safed atta - lieterally White Flour".

Maida is also called as All Purpose Flour as we can use this to make cakes, bread etc...

The most famous food we make out of Maida is Parotta.

1. Parotta:
The Maida dough is mixed with water, rolled out and fried over a pan (like pan cake) to make Parotta. You can considered this like a layered flat croissant. Lot of Ghee or Oil is used to make this. More detailed recipe for making Parotta is on the way.

You should also check out Wheat as Maida is made from wheat flour.

Spelling variations in Tamil name for Maida:
Maida, Maidha

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