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More or Moru

"More or Moru" is romanized form of Tamil word, which means a drink made out Yoghurt (Curd).

"More or Moru" is said to cool down your body much better than Curd. Since Tamil Nadu being a hot region, "More or Moru" is sold throught the year by street vendors. During Summer, there are several camps set up to offer free "More or Moru".

"More or Moru" is also called as Butter Milk in India.

More Sadham: "More or Moru" can be used just as a drink and mixed with Rice as a last course of Tamil meal instead of curd. This is called "More Sadham". One of the famous side dish for "More Sadham" is made of Chilli and called "More Milagai". And the other side dish is Pickles.

The following steps is the recipe to make "Moru"

Just take curd and dilute it with water. Pour little curd in a glass and fill the remaining glass with water. Take another glass and keep pouring the content from one glass to another. In a few minutes you will curd "More or Moru".


Take a laddle of curd and put it in a glass.


Fill the remaining glass with water.


Take another glass and keep pouring the content from Step 2 into this glass. Repeat this step of pouring the content from one glass to another until the curd is diluted.


You can drink as such.
Or mix in rice and eat. This is called "More Sadham". Sadham means "Rice" or "Steamed Rice"

Optionally you can fry dry chilli and mustard in oil until it pops and add the content to the above drink. Similarly you can add coriander leaves, curry leaves or mint leaves to add flavour.

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