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Coriander (Cilantro), similar to Chilli is an important spice for us.
The tamil name for Coriander is "Malli" or "Kothamalli".

Coriander is in traditional Tamil cooking for ages.

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In present day, Tamil cuisine and in general Indian cuisine, coriander play a major role. In Tamil cusine, there are various ways of using "Malli" or "Kothamalli":


Green Coriander leaves (Cilantro):
In Tamil language, we call this as "Kothamalli Thazhai". "Kothamalli" means Coriander and "Thazai" means "younger leaf" or "small leaf". Probably this is the most common or famous "Thazai" that we eat.

Coriander leaves are used for garnishing sambar, rasam and you can add to almost all side dishes. It definitely adds a great taste to rasam. Coriander leaves are also used to make Chutney. When compared to other dishes where coriander leaves are used as a garnish, it is a main ingredient for Chutney.


Dry Coriander seeds:
We use dry coriander seeds in some dishes like "more kuzhambu".
Sometimes, only a single dry chilli is used to add the just the right amount of spice for a dish.


Powdered Coriander seeds:
Coriander seeds are dried, milled and powdered. This is the most common form of use.

When Coriander powder is mixed with powder from other spices you get mouth watering masala's. Chilli powder and Coriander powder are mixed to make delicious Kuzhambu.

Tradionally, we will dry the coriander seeds and mill them for getting pure and fresh coriander powder when compared to the readily available powder pockets in the super market.

Popular dish where Coriander is used:
Coriander leaves are used to garnish almost all dishes. Best effect is with Rasam.
Coriander powder gives the best taste for Kuzhambu.
Coriander seeds are used for a few dishes and one that dominates is more kuzhambu. More is a form of Curd.
Coriander leaves are also used to make chutney and combination of mint leaves and coriander leaves chutney.

Spelling variations in Tamil name for Coriander:
Malli, Kothamalli, Kotha malli, Kothu malli (coriander leaves/cilantro), Malli thool (coriander powder), Malli vidhai (coriander seed)

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