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Egg Aappam

Egg Aappam is simple to make once you can make an Aappam - the Vegetarian version of Egg Appam.

Egg Aappam is a delicacy. The side dish for Egg Aappam is pure coconut milk. There is a non-veg side dish for Egg Aappam which we will update later. This side dish can be used for regular Aappam as well.

Egg Aappam is very famous in Sri Lanka. In South Indian states, you can find Aappam more common in Kerala compared to other states.

Making the batter for Aappam is little different from Idly Dosai batter.

Let us see how to make Egg appam.

Things needed
Side dish

Take an egg, break it, beat it in a bowl and keep it aside.
Take 2 laddles of batter (good to enough to make one Egg Aappam).


The pan you should use for this must be a round bottom stir fry pan or a round bottom wok. In Tamil Nadu, we have what is called as "Aappa satti" or "Aappa kallu", a pan used to make Egg Aappam. This looks like a Vaanal which we use for making dishes that are deep fry or just fry. For our discussion, let us simply call it "pan"

Heat the pan.

Take a laddle filled with batter and pour it in the pan like shown in the picture below.

Take the pan in two hands and rotate with a slight angle.
Continue until it is spread from bottom to all the sides of the pan.


Take the bowl with beaten egg and pour the egg throughout the Appam like the below image. You can pour the egg in the middle and similar to step 2, you can spread the egg throughout the appam.
Close the lid and let the Appam cook for 3 min. Note that, regular appam may take about 2 min while Egg appam will take a minute longer due to egg in it.


Open the lid to see if the appam is cooked. You can use the spatula and check the edges. If you want to cook a few more seconds then close the lid.


Serve the Aaapam in a plate with coconut milk as side dish.
You can take a bite of appam by mixing with coconut milk in the bowl
Pour the milk on top of the aappam and eat. Do not let it soak too much. But again this depends on your taste, some people like it soaked.
Instead of coconut milk, there are side dish like Kuruma for vegetarian and Mutton dishes like Paya or Mutton kuruma for non-vegetarians.

Other names/spelling variations of Egg Aappam:
Muttai aappam, Egg appam, Muta aappam, Apam, Egg Appham

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