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Tamil language name for Fish is Meen or Mean.

Fish is considered to be very good for health. When compared to other sea food like crab or prawn, we consume fish a lot. Fish must be consumed fresh. You just cannot compare this taste. We always look out for places you can buy fish fresh from the fisherman.

There are plent of varieties of fish. Some fishes have lot of bones, some has less bones or just one bone in a steak.

The most famous fish which every one likes because of the less bone factor and also for the taste and steak like feature is "Vanjiram" fish.

However, if you ask the traditional fish eaters, country side or old people, they will say, fish with bones are good for health. Some of the famous fish are "Kizhanga", "Sangara".

We have prepared a detailed list with English names here - Fish names dictionary.

Almost all the fish are used for making Kuzhambu or Fry.

The cooking style of some fish is different - for example - cooking style of shark. There is a famous dish called "Sura Puttu", made out of Shark. It is particularly given when a mother is feeding her baby. To be specific, the shark meat used for this is called "Paal sura". "Paal" means milk. Meaning the shark that gives milk.

Tamil cuisine style Fish dishes are famous not only in India but also in other Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia.

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Fresh fish:
Buying fresh fish straight from the fisherman is always a great experience. We used to live briefly in Chennai - ECR. ECR stands for East Cost Road. We take a drive for 10 min and we will hit the beach where fisherman live and work.
fisherman in chennai ECR

Variety of fish:


Fresh Crabs:
crab from local fisherman
As you can note from the map of Tamil nadu, one side of Tamil Nadu is surrounded by Sea (Bay of Bengal), people living around the coastal region will directly go to fisherman and buy sea food. If you are living in the coastal region, go down to the shore to see where fisherman live and buy from them.

Raw fish cleaned and ready to be cooked:

Spelling variations in Tamil name for Fish:
Meen, Mean

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