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Groundnut is an important vegetable and ingredient for many of our dishes. We also eat it raw or boiled. We consume Groundnut in many forms as it is very healthy for us.

Groundnut is called "Verkadalai" in Tamil language. "Ver" means root. "Kadalai" here means nut. So it is a nut from the root.

Fresh Groundnut is available in many super markets these days. If you go to country side you will be lucky it pluck off the ground and eat.

In present day, Tamil cuisine and in general Indian cuisine, Groundnut plays a major role. In Tamil cusine, there are various ways of using "Ver kadalai":


Groundnut raw:
Raw ground nut is consumed as such. It is also used to make chutney. Groundnut is also used to make oil. Groundnut oil is one of the traditional oils for us.


Groundnut boiled:
Groundnuts are boiled and had. It is also used to make Sundal.


Groundnut fried:
There are several wasy Groundnuts are fried.
One it is fried using oil and karapodi or masala's are added. This is had as a snack.
The other is, it is fried on a hot pot with sand. This is also a healthy snack.

Images of groundnut/peanut:

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