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The Tamil name for Lemon is "Elumichai". Lemon is a key ingredient for making many dishes and drinks. Lemon is used in the unripe form as well as fruit.

In present day, Tamil cuisine and in general Indian cuisine, Lemon plays a major role. In Tamil cusine, there are various ways of using "Elumichai":


Lemon whole or cut:
This form is used to make pickles. Lemon pickle is very famous among Tamils. It serves as a mouth watering side dish for Sambar and Thayir Sadham.


Lemon juice:
In juice form, Lemon is used to make drinks as well as food.

In drink:
Plain lemon juice (with sugar or with salt or straight) or
or as an ingredient in Nannari sarbath: Nannari is a root based on which a juice is made which is good to cool your body.

In food:
Lemon juice extract is used to make Lemon Rasam
Lemon juice extract is used to make Lemon rice, which is a famous variety rice. In olden days, Lemon rice is packed among other variety rice when we used to travel for a couple of days.

Popular dish where Lemon is used:
Pickles, Lemon Rasam, Lemon rice, Lemon juice, Nannari sarbath

Spelling variations in Tamil name for Lemon:
Elumichai, Elumichangai (unripe form), Eluminchanpazham (fruit form), Elumichan gai (unripe form), Eluminchan pazham (fruit form)

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