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Kesari is popular dish during festival days and special occasions.

We have to start with a sweet during festival days or auspicious days and Kesari is the starter. Kesari is also made during other family occassions irrespective of the time or meal.

There are a few varieties of Kesari recipe depending on the nuts and dry fruits used.

Here let us make a simple Kesari using basic ingredients. Planned to cook next week. Please come back for the recipe.

to make Kesari

Heat pan and fry rava till its mildly roasted without much color change, will take about 3-4 min.


Heat water in the pan when it starts to boil add the roasted rava gently into it with constant stirring to avoid lumps, cover the pan with lid and let it cook in low flame for 5 min.


Stir on the mix, it will be well cooked in almost a solid state, now add sugar and half of the ghee, stir well, sugar will melt and the mixture will be in a runny consistency add kesari color to it and stir well, let it cook with occasional stirring till all the sugar has been absorbed and the mix tightens up a bit.

Note: Kesari color is a food coloring agent which gives the color. In olden days we used saffron to get the natural color. Nowadays as you know saffron is very expensive, we have modified the recipe to use coloring agents.


Heat the remaining ghee in a tempering pan and fry broken cashew nuts when it turns golden brown add raisin to it, when they bulge up add cardamom powder and switch off the flame, mix well and add the mixture to the hot kesari made in Step 3.

Stir well and transfer to a bowl, let it rest for 15 min and then serve.


Kesari ready to be served.
Masala vadai with Kesari

Popular dish and drinks to go with Kesari includes:
vadai, Coffee and Tea

Other names/spelling variations of Kesari:
Kesari, Keshari, Kesary, Kesar

Leftover tips:
Leftover Kesari made during breakfast can be used as all day snack item.

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