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In this website, we have used many Tamil language words to incorporate the native cooking style, vegetables available locally, spices etc...

Considering the loading too much contents on a single page, we have kept Spices and Ingredients dictionary separately. Check out Spices dictionary and Ingredients dictionary.

While we have given translation in English in the respective pages, where, the Tamil language words are used, we have also summarized all of them here in the below table.

We will be adding more languages soon.

The list is unsorted right now.

Tamil name English name
arisi Rice
Sadham Steamed rice
Sooru Steamed rice
Kattu sooru Variety rice
Pazhaya sooru Literally Old rice
Pazhaya Sadham Literally Old rice
Pazhayathu Just Pazhayathu means Old. Often used to refer Pazhaya sooru
Vadhicha arisi Boiled and filtered rice
Thayir Yogurt / Curd
Idly kundan Idly pot
Suffix Gai Unripe / Green
Suffix kai Unripe / Green
Pachai Green
Alone or as Suffix Pazham Fruit
kani Fruit
Mukkanigal 3 VIP Fruits
zha Tamil letter "Zha"
Kottai Seed
Palaa kottai Seed in Jackfruit
Maram Tree
Poo Flower
Thandu Trunk
Ilai Leaf
Thazhai Younger Leaf
Keerai Leaf
Vidhai Seed
Podi Powder
Maavu Powder
Pachai Green
Kai Green
Paal Milk
Thalippu to Temper
Small Onion Shallots

Note: We will be adding more entries as and when we encounter a new word or when we add new recipe/pages. Come back again to see the updated dictionary.

In Tamilnadu (and in India in general), people started using a mix of English names and names in native tongue as per their convenience.

We are passionate about food. In this website we will talk about South Indian food, particularly Tamil food. We have organized the recipes based on veg and non-veg category or You can browse the photos to check out a recipe. Since we are global Indians, we are including few fusion recipes, experimenting different style of food. On each recipe page, you can click on ingredients/spices to learn more about them.

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The theme for our website title is based on Moringa oleifera, the Miracle tree that can be found in almost all home in the country side of Tamil Nadu.

We are currently making changes to our site. If you are not getting what you are looking for, please mail us with your request or feedback. Thank you.

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