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Omelette is a simple dish to make for a side dish. There are many kinds. Simple one is, you beat egg, add salt or pepper and pan fry.

Let us see some South Indian Omelette making recipe.

Here we will see a version where we will add just onion to the omelette.

You can add chilli, tomato and whatever veggies you feel like to make Omelette.

to fry

Add chopped onion and pepper in a bowl.


Break egg and pour in the bowl. Add salt as per your taste.


Beat the mixture.


Heat pan and pour the mixture in the pan.
Optionally you can add oil in the pan and once the oil is hot you can pour the mixture.
Spread the omelette as evenly as possible.


Flip the Omelette to heat the back side

Serve Omelette.

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Popular main dish to go with Omelettes includes:

Vegetarian main dish:
Sambar, Kulambu, Kuruma

Non-Vegetarian main dish:
mutton kuruma, chicken kuruma, fish kulambu

Egg Omelette Sandwich for an all day Breakfast:
You can also toast 2 breads and have the omlette in between to make a delicious and healthy egg omlette sandwitch as breakfast. If you do not like onion, you can remove them. Add tomato if you like in the omelette or add raw tomato in the sandwich. Add cheese if you like. Many combination pops up for making a sandwich based on what ingredients you like.

More ideas with eggs and breads

Omelettes goes well with almost all main dishes.
Or you can just make one as a healthy snack anytime of the day.

Other dishes with Egg as main ingredient:
Egg Podimas
, Egg kuruma, Egg Varuval

Other names/spelling variations of Omelettes:
Mutai omelette, muttai amlet

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