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Plantain fry

Plantain fry (Vazhaikai varuval) is a popular side dish.
Plantain means Vaazhaikai in Tamil language.

Varuval in Tamil language translates to Fry in English. "Plantain Fry" in Tamil language is "Vazhaikai Varuval".

Note: Fry here does not denote cooking style of French fries. When we do like French fries, which is deep fry, then the dish is called "Plantain Chips" or "Vaazhaikai chips".

The recipe for Plantain fry is very simple.

to fry
to temper

Peel off Vaazhai kai (Plantain) and dice it to half cm thick slices and put it in a bowl. Add all the powders in the ingredients list along with salt, let it marinate for 10 mins.


Now let us do the tempering.
Heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds when it splatters add urad dal.
Wait till it turns golden brown.


Now spread out the marinated vazhaikkai slices (from Step 1) in the pan and fry in medium to low flame till it gets soft and the masala smell wears off.


Transfer to a bowl and serve hot for the lunch course.

Photo of Plantain fry:

More photos of Vaazhaikai fry

Popular main dish to go with Plantain fry includes:

Both Vegetarian and Non-Veg main dish:
Sambar, Kulambu, Kuruma, Mutton kuruma
Plantain fry goes well with almost all main dishes.

Other dishes with Plantain as main ingredient:
Plantain chips, Plantain poriyal

Other names/spelling variations of Plantain fry:
Vaazhaikai varuval, Vaalaikai varuval, Vazhaikai varuval, Valaikai varuval

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