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Popcorn Shrimp

Popcorn Shrimp is a popular side dish globally. It is good as a starter or a snack.

We were able to cook popcorn shrimp quickly when we were hungry one day. Btw, If you are living in abroad, you get frozen shrimp in most of the super markets. They are usually cleaned and ready to cook. This comes in handy for making popcorn shrimp.

However for this example, we were in India and we made this from fresh shrimp.

Detailed recipe is on the way.

to fry

Cleaning process of Prawns is a time consuming one. If you are in India, typically cleaning process is done when you buy. You should get it cleaned properly and carefully by instructing the person to remove the dark black/brown thread inside the prawns that starts from head to tail.









Pop corn shrimp ready to be served. Below is the image of Popcorn shrimp with Mayonise and coriander for additional taste.

Popular main dish to go with Popcorn Shrimp includes:
Popcorn Shrimp goes well with Bread or just as such. It also works as a great side dish for Tamil cuisine main dishes like Sambar and Kuruma.

Other dishes with Shrimp as main ingredient:
Shrimp fry
, Ebi itame.

Other names/spelling variations of Popcorn Shrimp:
Pop corn shrimp, era deep fry, eral deep fry.

Leftover tips:
Popcorn shrimps never go leftover. But if it happens, you can use it as a side dish for Steamed rice (particularly Japanese rice tastes delicious), Sambar, Idly or Dosai.

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